Welcome everyone to Action Leadership Training!

Welcome everyone to Action Leadership Training!

We are excited to launch our brand new website, www.actionlt.com. Our predominant focus will be on empowering entrepreneur, professionals and managers to reach new heights.  We will ensure these individuals will attain their desired goal through offering a multitude of services.  The services Action LT will offer are leadership training, coaching (one-on-one or group), strategic planning and time and financial management.  

Our goal is to offer expertise in each of the services by partnering with industry professionals who have plenty of experience in entrepreneurship, management and coaching.  

Leadership Training Training with a coach or seminars where we will assist you in unleashing your leadership potential, and allow you to lead your business and life in a positive direction.

One On One CoachingCoaching sections where you will have your own time to have one-on one training with the coach.  You will receive personal, customized coaching which will enable you to attain your growth.

Group CoachingThrough Group Coaching, you will get the opportunity to meet with other business owners once a month, in a private, confidential setting facilitated by us. You will be a part of a great team of business owners and gain from the input and knowledge these individuals have to share.

Strategic Planning and Marketing

  • Guide you to find your own solutions to your problems.  
  • Putting strategic plans in place, which will solve the problems or capitalize on new opportunities.  
  • Facilitate creative and strategic brainstorming.  
  • Help you to facilitate the creation of tactical “action steps” that you or your company will take to implement the strategy.

Once the action steps are committed to, we will put together a structured environment where you will be accountable to yourself for executing the plans.

Time ManagementHow often do you find yourself running out of time?  There are only a certain amount of time in a day but through managing your time, you can achieve your goal and have extra time to do your favourite activities.

Financial BenchmarkingUnderstanding your financial statements, and pairing that knowledge with an understanding of financial ratios as well as  tracking your key performance indicators will give you the vital signs of the health and performance of your company. We will assist you to identify the best practices of industry leaders and compare the results to your own so we can inspire your strategic planning and set you on the right path.

We are proud to announce our first ever leadership training seminar on November 17-18, 2016.  This seminar is the first of a series of seminars we will be conducting relating to leadership training, strategic planning and time and financial management.

We are excited to welcome Mr. Nalaka Hewamadduma, a Leadership Coach and CEO of Nalaka H Consulting.  Along with Nalaka Hewamadduma, Mr. Kula Sellathurai will be conducting the event.

Please visit Eventexcel to register for tickets.